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#4058: no target install-keymap in udev-lfs makefile
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 Using BLFS 7.4 on top of LFS 7.4:

 In the file udev-lfs-206-1/makefile-incl.keymap has a target 'keymap',
 wich just echoes "keymap is now built into udevadm/udevd".

 But there is nomore "install-keymap" target, so a blind application
 of the instructions on the udev-extras page would lead to an

 Note that for a non-native English speaker, it is not clear
 that "keymap is now built into udevadm/udevd" does not
 mean something like "keymap has just been built in
 udevadm/udevd in the build directory".

 So maybe there should be some indication on the udev-extras page
 that the instructions for keymap apply only to older versions of

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