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#4204: Xorg Intel Driver
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Comment (by ken@…):

 I do have intel hardware, but I'm still waiting for performance metrics.
 Those of us using KMS (that should include everyone using the intel
 driver) know that frames per second is synchronized to the vertical
 refresh rate, so I don't have any idea *how* a runtime performance
 improvement is being measured. I'm not ruling it out, just reserving

 Much, if not most, of the book can probably be built with clang. At least
 one package had a problem with it in the past few months, but so far I
 don't see any reason to add a comment about using clang for this
 particular package.

 Equally, I don't think that any benefit from faster compilation, if it
 exists, will be material. On my 7.4 intel machine, configure for the
 driver takes 4.699s, make -j1 takes 47.003s, and a DESTDIR install 0.306s.
 Call it 52 seconds.

 Until we see some hard evidence, this sounds suspiciously like adding go-
 faster stripes to a car.

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