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#4226: Add liblinear
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 I came across this in nmap, as a recommended external dependency
 with a note that the internal version will be used if any of the
 recommended deps are not installed.   At that point I wondered why a
 recommended dependency wasn't in the book.  I guess this is history,
 lots of things used to be external unless they were required.  I was
 expecting a straight CMMI.

  In fact, liblinear comes with a Makefile to create things, but you
 have to manually install them.  Worse, the default target only
 builds the programs 'predict' and 'train' which may or may not be
 useful.  Nmap is actually looking for at least one of the headers,
 and the library - you need to run 'make lib' to create
 liblinear.so.1.  And all of these need to be installed individually.

  There is also a python directory with its own Makefile - running
 'make' there actually recreates liblinear.so.1 in the TLD.  There
 are also two Python scripts - no idea if those ought to be installed
 anywhere ;-)

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