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#4164: dbus-1.6.16
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 I was thinking more, about this, and found DBus Python 1.2.0. Perhaps this
 will solve the tests issue.

 Before further investigating, I need to clarify what I wrote before. There
 are four switches for the tests:

   --enable-embedded-tests enable unit test code in the library and
   --enable-modular-tests  enable modular regression tests (requires GLib)
   --enable-tests          enable/disable all tests, overriding

 Could not use --enable-tests, due to the failure I reported before.

 When used the other switches, one by one, it seemed that --enable-
 embedded-tests covered the other remaining two.

 Have not tested with all three but --enable-tests (forgot, sorry).

 Fires, I will install DBus Python 1.2.0 and see if the tests can be run
 using only --enable-tests.

 If not, will try the other three at once, to see if what I said before
 holds true, about using only --enable-embedded-tests.

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