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#4233: Add Samba AD DC configuration instructions
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Comment (by dj@…):

 That looks pretty good Thomas, wish I had found it a few weeks ago! As to
 the DNS question, you can use samba, BIND, or both. If you are not already
 maintaining DNS in BIND and aren't already syncing with another BIND
 server, then internal is probably better if you have a windows box with
 RSAT on it. You won't have to do anything to get Windows clients
 configured via DHCP to update DNS (though you'll still have to create the
 reverse lookup zone) and *nix clients won't update unless you configure
 your DHCP server to do it (same thing applies to BIND only). Additionally,
 you probably only want to start samba, and let it manage nmbd, smbd, and
 winbindd. If you are using BIND already and already have transfers setup,
 then you'll likely want to use DLZ and keep at least the internal FW zones
 in AD simply because AD is so finicky about DNS (both internal.domain.tld
 and _msdcs.internal.domain.tld). Probably also best to reccomend the
 xattrs and rfc2307 switches to the provision command too if you want your
 *nix clients to store UID and GID in AD and want more than share level
 permissions. Most of what is in the Arch wiki should apply in LFS (though
 the paths are changed).


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