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#4287: CMake-
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Comment (by fo):

 Thanks, Bruce. I need your help.

 Yes, I just checked, and libssh2 is already in curls's page, no need for
 modification. Failed to find it when read it earlier today.

 But installed libssh2:

 $ xzgrep -i libssh2
 checking for libssh2_channel_open_ex in -lssh2... yes
 checking libssh2.h usability... yes
 checking libssh2.h presence... yes
 checking for libssh2.h... yes
   SSH support:      enabled (libSSH2)

 And now, I am performing again the cmake tests (started before reading
 your comment).

 And yes, agree with "CMake maintainers have not time to look at it, so it
 is probable that the tests are buggy..."

 Anyway, probably some comments on the tests wil be necessary in this page.

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