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#4263: add resolution on gnome emvironpment
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Comment (by Krejzi):


 See the introduction:

 " This section contains required packages for the GNOME applications to
 build and function properly. We don't provide any desktop related packages
 due to dependency on Systemd which BLFS doesn't support. "

 You may be possible to build and install GNOME 3.10 without systemd, but
 you will likely be missing some functionality. I, who was responsible for
 GNOME back then. decided to remove entire desktop since I didn't want to
 apply all kinds of workarrounds (if possible) to add it in the book
 because I am systemd user and I couldn't test it in standard BLFS
 environment (ConsoleKit and all that insecure stuff). No one else stepped
 up to try to make it work, so it was removed from the book.

 The packages that depend on systemd are gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-
 control-center, gdm, gnome-session. There might be some more, but these
 are most important ones.

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