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#4263: add resolution on gnome emvironpment
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 sorry for raising theme again but if decision is made to not support gnome
 environpment there should be short explanation 'VIII. GNOME' to stop
 questions about gnome and aware readers to not start to try building gnome
 with current blfs

 as for me i was not aware gnome is unsupported, spent a day following 30.
 and 31. and just then realised it is not complete. then found a
 snapshot-20121101, and added a minimal set of gnome-session-3.8.1, gnome-
 settings-daemon-3.8.1, gnome-shell-3.8.1, gdm-3.8.0 with dependencies and
 get basic gnome environpment working now

 may be i know too few about systemd dependency, you reffer to, but for me
 it is not impossible to run gnome environpment on top lfs-7.4

 if systemd problem is really so important i think reader should be aware
 VIII. GNOME is incomplete and blfs do not support gnome environpment with
 good explanation

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