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#4256: wireshark-1.10.3
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Comment (by fo):

 It is ready to be updated. There are some modifications. Tonight, if there
 are no comments, I will include these modifications in the update. Thanks.

 1. Not in the book:
 reordercap:    Reorder timestamps of input file frames into output file.

 Add it.

 2. Not in my build:

 Probably related to lack of python support (see below).

 Remove it.

 3. --with-python:

 Not present in configure. Python is detected, but support is not set.

 Note: This is currently broken (see commits 49066, 49138). An alternative
 might be https://code.google.com/p/pyreshark/.
 49066: https://anonsvn.wireshark.org/viewvc?revision=49066&view=revision
 49138: https://anonsvn.wireshark.org/viewvc?revision=49138&view=revision
 Remove this and the optional dependency on Python.

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