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#4235: FFmpeg-2.1
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Changes (by fo):

 * owner:  fo => blfs-book@…
 * priority:  normal => low


 Sorry, I think I will not be able to test everything, so, I will revert to
 low and to blfs :-(

 But it builds, installs and works fine. Have not broken VLC.

 I used a patch from Arch, and tested the instructions for the docs.The
 texi2html worked, so did doxygen. The texi2pdf and texi2dvi did not work.
 With the docs, directory build+installed grew from 114MB to 815M, and also
 a large difference in SBU to build with and without docs. With this
 version, docs are installed in /usr/share/doc/ffmpeg, so some instructions
 to create the versioned doc dir and copy the html must be removed and the
 version too, from the remaining ones, or you end up with two versions of
 the docs. I found three new switches (optional):

 # --enable-ladspa http://www.ladspa.org/
 # --enable-libssh openssh
 # --enable-libzvbi http://zapping.sourceforge.net/ZVBI/

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