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#3832: VLC-2.0.5 may need a sed
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 The current version of automake no longer tolerates references to long-
 deprecated macros. This caused serious problems for me building VLC-2.0.5
 in the current book. Armin K gave me a sed at the blfs-support mailing
 list to correct the source code for this. I applied it after the patch
 command and before the bootstrap command like this in my case...

 patch -Np1 -i ../vlc-2.0.5-opencv_fixes-1.patch &&
 sed "s at AM_CONFIG_HEADER@AC_CONFIG_HEADERS at g" -i configure.ac &&
 ./bootstrap &&
 sed -i "s|LDFLAGS_sid)|& -L/usr/lib/sidplay/builders|"
 modules/demux/Makefile.in &&
 ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-zvbi --enable-faad --enable-aa &&

 Then the configure step ran longer, did a lot more, and ended with a
 success message. Maybe there is just something unique about my situation.
 If not though, adding this sed might improve the book.

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