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#3674: Samba-4.0.3
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Comment (by thomas):

 Cool stuff, thanks Krejzi!  Beside checking which command do work well I
 think it's some kind of challenge to write the text for Samba4 as it is
 now a AD-DC. If building a non-DC, it is not really different from what we
 have in Samba3 but as AD controller, there is a huge stuff to describe, at
 least to mention. That is the Kerberos tickets, the DNS database, the LDAP
 tree and the file server functionality and how that all works together.
 ATM, AFAIK there are no GUI maintenance programs like the Windows(R) "AD
 Users & Computers". I think maintaining an AD on the command line may be a
 bit complicated and i think we should have some sentences about it.
 Discovering and documenting that all seems to me not quite easy as some
 Windows clients should be available for testing as well as some with Linux
 on it. Some features (as Group-Policies or so) make sense only if there
 are at least a view clients in the domain (which can be VMs too). Btw, for
 AD support, i think at least --with-ads should be added.

 Probably we create a page similar to the samba3 page with samba4,
 describing how to build a file server with samba4. Than add a page which
 goes beyond that describing what different to do to get a AD-DC. Maybe
 this split in more pages would keep each of them more maintainable and
 less complex.

 What are you opinions?

 (btw, 4.0.3 is out)

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