[blfs-book] r11321 - trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security

bdubbs at higgs.linuxfromscratch.org bdubbs at higgs.linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jun 26 15:29:16 PDT 2013

Author: bdubbs
Date: Wed Jun 26 15:29:16 2013
New Revision: 11321

Update ACL test requirements


Modified: trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security/acl.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security/acl.xml	Wed Jun 26 14:41:21 2013	(r11320)
+++ trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security/acl.xml	Wed Jun 26 15:29:16 2013	(r11321)
@@ -101,9 +101,24 @@
     </application> and proceed to run the test suite.</para>
-    <para>There are three sets of tests that come with this package. Issue the
-    following to execute all three:
-    <command>make tests root-tests</command>.</para>
+    <para>There are three sets of tests that come with this package. The local
+    partition where the tests are run must be mounted with acl configured as
+    described below.  Additionally, the users <systemitem
+    class="username">bin</systemitem> and <systemitem
+    class="username">daemon</systemitem> must be created or modified to have a
+    proper shell and home directory and the group <systemitem
+    class="groupname">daemon</systemitem> must be a member of the <systemitem
+    class="groupname">bin</systemitem> group.  The kernel must also be
+    configured with the appropriate ACL options (there are nine different
+    options).</para>
+    <para>To run the standard tests run <command>make tests </command>.  As
+    <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user, run <command>make
+    root-tests</command>.</para>
+    <para>The third set of tests are Network File System (NFS) specific.  See
+    the contents of the test files in the test/nfs/ directory for the setup
+    requirements.</para>

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