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#3821: Xorg-7.7 Testing and Configuration: Broken Links
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Comment (by ken@…):

 OK, the further details : I've been analysing the coverage of my fonts
 since December (I had too many!) and eventually decided to produce an
 example pdf for each, to show the coverage (most writing systems), or (for
 CJK) to show the glyphs which are likely to be different in some fonts.

 Tedious, and I'm still a long way from completing.  But since you have
 raised this, I've uploaded the WIP to
 Unfortunately the README.txt files are not showing up in my browser, which
 is a pain.

 The example-pdfs directory contains PDFs for those fonts I've so far
 analysed. It also contains CJK-examples.pdf which contains the han glyphs
 liable to differ in between simplified and traditional chinese, japanese
 and korean.

 I'll also note that despite what the book says at the moment, people who
 cannot read the CJK glyphs and just wish to ensure they render will
 usually get by with one chinese font - for years I've only installed
 fireflysung - as well as the japanese and korean fonts.

 As an initial change, perhaps just pointing to sourceforge.jp for
 fireflysung, and to debian for the arphic fonts ?

 The arphic fonts listed in /etc/fonts/conf.d (another change the book
 hasn't caught up with) are AR PL Sungtil GB (gbsn00lp), AR PL Mingti2L
 Big5  (bsmi00lp), AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni (no idea what this is), AR PL New
 Sung (fireflysung) and AR PL Zenkai Uni (again, no idea what that is).
 Big5 is for traditional chinese, GB is simplified.

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