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#3771: LibreOffice 4.0
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Comment(by rt):

 I tried your instructions, with the following modifications:
 I don't have openldap, libwps, libwpg, libwpd, icu, hunspell, graphite,
 cppunit, bluez, gstreamer, gtk3 and gio so I removed those switches.
 Also I had to add --disable-cups and --without-doxygen, and I used --with-
 I get the same build error though:

 (6/11) Building module tail_build
 Entering /sources/libreoffice-

 gbuild module /sources/libreoffice- make -f Makefile
 -j8 -rs all slowcheck gb_PARTIALBUILD=T
 /sources/libreoffice- No such
 file or directory
 Makefile:17: *** Corrupted module target stack! .  Stop.

 I tried removing the --with-system-dicts option, since this error seems
 related to dictionaries, but it didn't help. I also tried downloading the
 dictionaries tarball and extracting it in the directory.
 Any ideas?
 I am confused why it builds on your system and not mine...

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