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On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 7:04 AM, Fernando de Oliveira
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>> Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>> > I understand that. But for packages which have "big"
>> sizes and/or
>> > build times, I believe it would be good to include
>> optional stripping
>> > instructions, again, not only for practical, but also
>> for educational
>> > purpose.
>> I agree with that.
> Ok.

Another one here who would prefer not seeing CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS
overruled whenever possible.

I have always liked to stay as close as possible to upstream's build
systems, with mimal changes.  If we change something, Ideally I would
love those changes to eventually be upstream (Unless it only makes
sense on a LFS Platform, and in that case, it may be worth looking at
why we need such a change).

I like the idea of --strip-unneeded after the fact,  perhaps on it's
own blfs page.  It certainly warrants having some notes regarding it.
Especially love the link from technovelty.

> Hope you have the patience and time to read the following.
> I have read that before many times, but during this discussion, only
> after you mentioned. Do not know why I forgot that. But after some
> effort, I remembered that those pages always gave me the impression
> that they were not "generic", just for the intended purpose.
> Interesting that "strip" deserves two pages in LFS, none in BLFS. I
> still think (IMHO) that a small paragraph about it would be helpful,
> probably in "Notes on Building Software", if it does not deserve a
> page. Those LFS pages could be referred to as could that page
> <http://www.technovelty.org/linux/stripping-shared-libraries.html>
> It is very clarifying (had read it some months ago, but it was a long
> discussion here, and for some reason, I had the attitude "keep in mind
> to understand later", then). Thanks, Randy.
> For my personal doubts, in the future I will ask for help in the
> support list.
> []s,
> Fernando
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