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#4504: Bug in latest version of Imlib2
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 In Imlib2 1.4.6, currently in BLFS, the imlib2-config script has a
 variable called @my_libs@, which is presumably supposed to be replaced by
 something else during the build (in my system with Imlib2 1.4.5, it's
 simply blank). However, in 1.4.6, the imlib2-config script is the only
 reference to that variable - it is never replaced with anything. This
 causes problems with any package that tries to link to Imlib2 using that
 script (as I found out when trying to build Fluxbox), as it will cause the
 literal string "@my_libs@" to be added to the compile command, resulting
 in errors from GCC as it has no idea what "@my_libs@" is.

 I'm not sure what the proper solution would be here - the fact that all
 other references to that variable are gone probably means it shouldn't
 exist at all anymore, but I can't be certain. As I said, in my build with
 version 1.4.5 it ends up being empty anyway, so it might not hurt just to
 remove it entirely, though I'd probably suggest just reverting the version
 change and going back to 1.4.5 until a patch or new version is released.

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