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#4421: Issues with dependencies on individual Xorg parts
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Comment (by Krejzi):

 First, I apologize for using the "lie" word. I didn't mean to insult
 anyone. I wanted to point out "correctness" of the current instructions.

 Secondly, for TexLive case: On my machine I have binary installation I
 have 5 binaries which use X11 libraries and that's 5 out of 316. The main
 executables used to create pdf and dvi documents are not dependant on X11.
 The ones that are actually dependent are some kind of viewers (for which
 should be better alternative out there, I suppose) which are not
 necessarry on a machine used to build pdf/dvi/whatever documents TexLive

 Third, for Vim - yes you are right, but still it's a runtime dependency
 and anyone building X11 functionality into Vim and probably anything else
 would have it installed anyways if the libraries are present. Also, I
 believe yourself run/test packages using ssh X forwarding (correct me if
 I'm wrong) and because vim itself isn't a GL app, it can run just fine
 without an Xorg server using X forwarding (Entire X setup not required).
 Same applies for most of the X apps that don't strictly use GLX - GLX
 can't be used over the network from what I know.

 Fourth, for Qt and Imaging libraries - you do require Xorg Libraries (but
 libraries only) to build the package, while you might use it even without
 Xorg Server (again Xorg Server not necessarry). Ie, iirc Imlib has X
 window system as a dependency (where it just needs for libXpm support
 which doesn't need X server to generate and read .xpm images) but it can
 be used in one of the text browsers for displaying images in a fbdev

 And at last, Wayland. First, you are wrong about beta product - maybe you
 thought about canonical's mir which isn't even considered alpha. It's
 fully working solution, same way X was in its early days. It might need to
 be extended with missing features for prime time use, but there's already
 gnome-shell wayland port which sort of works. It isn't yet ready for prime
 time use because it's missing backwards compatibility with X (using
 XWayland which isn't upstream as of yet). Fedora does ship gnome wayland
 preview, Enlightenment 18 supports wayland clients while Enlightenment 19
 will be a wayland compositor. KDE's KWin5 is being ported to Wayland. I'm
 sorry but I think Wayland isn't for BLFS since main Wayland reference
 compositor, Weston requires Systemd. So does Gnome Wayland, so will
 probably KWin5 and Enlightenment 19.

 And to sum up: Seperate build time dependencies from runtime dependencies.
 You don't need X Window System to build ie GTK+3, but to use an app (run
 it - runtime) you actually need a working window system solution which is
 currently X on Linux.

 It's up to you to decide, I have no more time for this topic.

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