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#4421: Issues with dependencies on individual Xorg parts
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Let me throw in my two cents here.  First I'd like to address the "lie"
 discussion.  The word, in English and in this context, has negative
 connotations beyond incorrect or inaccurate.  It implies deliberate
 misleading for some sinister motive.  That's clearly not not appropriate

 On the technical point, I've run into a couple of situations where I've
 wanted to build an application on a system without X installed.  One was
 Qt4.  It can be used for it's general capabilities, but --without-x did
 not work.  We ended up building Xorg and installing in a temporary
 location.  After building Qt, we removed the libraries that referenced
 Xorg libraries as well as the temporary Xorg build.

 The second situation was when we wanted to be able to manipulate images
 programmatically for a web server (capcha manipulation).  We had to search
 for a program that would build without X.  I don't recall what we ended up
 with, but it wasn't our first choice.

 Although most users will probably want all of X anyway and since Wayland
 is not yet ready, I think that specifying the specific dependency would be
 the most appropriate in many cases.  In some cases it may not be possible
 though.  In the case of texlive, there are a lot of individual programs
 and breaking out all the needed dependencies is not easy.  ...

 On the other hand, a little checking texlive with ldd gives:


 In this case, specifying Xorg seems to be reasonable.

 In the example of emacs or vim, the reason to have Xorg is to be able to
 build the graphical versions.  Every part may not be needed for building,
 but Xorg is certainly needed at runtime for the graphical version.

 For the issue of Wayland, as mentioned earlier, it is not ready for prime
 time.  I think that mentions of Wayland should not be in BLFS right now.
 It just makes a complicated set of build dependencies more complicated for
 what is right now a (at best) beta product.  I would
 until one of the more mainstream distros starts including it as an option.

 The bottom line is that I feel that the call on referencing Xorg or
 individual Xorg packages should be made on a package-by-package basis.

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