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#4421: Issues with dependencies on individual Xorg parts
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Comment (by fo):

 Replying to [comment:9 Krejzi]:

 OK. Again, I think we are agreeing in all points, with a small difference.

 > First of all, Wayland is a protocol that is being developed to replace X
 Window System in the future. It's not quite ready, but it's mostly usable
 for some GTK+3, Qt5 and Efl based apps.

 Wayland: I only went once to see their page when someone wrote about it in
 the list (I thought you did, but apparently I am wrong). After that, it is
 appearing in some pages of the book: libva, mesalib, clutter, gtk+3, cogl,
 cairo, gst-plugins-bad. That is the reason I mentioned it, even knowing
 that is still being developed. And the other one I do not remember the
 name is that from Canonical.

 > As for a word "lie", it is important why it's between " ". It simply
 isn't true that for most of the packages I listed entire Xorg is required
 (not true -> "lie" -> word play).

 Again, I completely agree, as I wrote before. Perhaps you thought I was
 saying the contrary.

 > In reply to comment 4,
 > I don't think you really want to list X window system for every package.
 I believe that a note on Xorg Libraries page will be enough, as I
 mentioned at the end of comment 6, in the same fashion as the note on the
 Clutter page saying that working DRI setup is required.

 No, I do not want, but I do not care. Again, agreeing with you. That is
 another reason I thought that Igor should be the one deciding, and it is
 OK with me, if he wants.

 I think that the only difference between our opinions is that you really
 would prefer X not being listed. Although I would prefer to leave the book
 as is, it is no problem at all for me if Igor and Chris want them listed
 and do so, and gave a suggestion.

 So, I think we two are in peace, about this.

 And thanks for the list you gave, I was thinking about that, to produce a
 discussion similar as the one you did (though not at the same high level
 as yours) but did not find a way to create it so fast as you did, and
 asked Chris, who is the one proposing the modifications, to do it.

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