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#4421: Issues with dependencies on individual Xorg parts
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 There are several packages in BLFS that have dependencies listed for
 various components of Xorg, such as "Xorg Applications" or "Mesa." The
 problem is, these individual pages for X make the assumption that anyone
 using them must be installing all of X as a whole. For example, each
 subpage for X says to use "$XORG_CONFIG", but never explain where it comes
 from or what it should be, and if you're just following dependency links
 in the book, you'd never know about it.

 If different individual components of X are to be used as dependencies,
 then they should each be able to be used independently. Alternately (and
 this would be my preferred solution), any dependency on some part of X can
 just be changed to "Xorg" as a whole.

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