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#3564: OpenJDK-
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Comment(by fo):

 Replying to [comment:2 dj@…]:

 DJ, thanks for the comments , and apologies for this late response. As I
 wrote some days ago, I was busy with LFS "7.2-svn" build, so stopped all
 other related activities.
 > Cool! Glad that the instructions still work as advertised.
 Almost, but strictly, they need modifications, as I said before. One of
 the following would do it:

 a. Stating clearly that the following packages

 corba.tar.gz hotspot.tar.gz jaxp.tar.gz jaxws.tar.gz jdk.tar.gz
 langtools.tar.gz openjdk.tar.gz

 which are hosted by anduin, are no more "good", and "make" will download
 the correct ones.

 b. Removing

 corba.tar.gz hotspot.tar.gz jaxp.tar.gz jaxws.tar.gz jdk.tar.gz
 langtools.tar.gz openjdk.tar.gz

 anduin downloads and related cp -v ... commands associated with them, and,
 again, comment that "make" will download them.

 In both cases, I believe that dependencies will change, perhaps wget or
 curl will be necessary. Also, some comments about storing them locally, if
 the user is planning to build it again, is recommendable.

 A side effect is that the build process will look simpler.
 >  I'd be interested to see the test results as those have changed
 I will try (probably tomorrow) to run the tests.
 > As to the difference in size, I follow the distro-pkg-dev list and know
 that the debug flags are global now (this was changed upstream in
 OpenJDK), but I do not know what the new switch is in IcedTea's configure
 script to control it
 Before I run the tests, I will try to figure this out.
 > (been exceptionally busy lately). After the fact, you should be able to
 use the normal strip commands to get the size back down to expected
 Thank you very much indeed! I have done it:
 # find /opt/OpenJDK- -type f -exec strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'
 $ du -sch /opt/OpenJDK-1.7.0.*[[BR]]
 131M    /opt/OpenJDK-                [stripped][[BR]]
 455M    /opt/OpenJDK-          [original][[BR]]
 585M    total[[BR]]

 Comparing with 247M of /opt/OpenJDK-, it is probably better to
 strip after it is checked to work properly, than build without debug? Or
 it is more economic in some senses building without the debug symbols?

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