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#3567: Gtk 3 need gtk 2 as dependencies
 Reporter:  tnut         |       Owner:  blfs-book@…                   
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 If gtk 2.X is not install, the configure of gtk3 doesn't find the command:
 gtk-update-icon-cache which result to an incredible error messagage when
 run make command on gtk3:

 make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/work/src/gtk+-3.4.4/gtk'
   GEN    gtktypefuncs.c
   GEN    gtkbuiltincache.h
 /bin/sh: no: command not found
 make[2]: *** [gtkbuiltincache.h] Error 127

 Having gtk (2) installed it solve the prob... would be nice to add it in
 the dependencies (I thing)


 PS Keep going , you are doing an incredible job


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