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#3564: OpenJDK-
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 DJ, I just finished building this package in i386. Minor changes in your
 instructions allow upgrade just replacing icedtea-2.2.1 by icedtea-2.3.2
 and, of course, OpenJDK- by OpenJDK-

 == 1. Necessary downloads ==


 rhino1_7R3 [ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/js/rhino1_7R3.zip] -
 this is the same as in previous OJDK version.

 == 2. Patches ==

 I have used the same as in the book, just renamed to comply with the new
 OpenJDK version. Do not know if any further security patch is necessary.

 == 3. Make ==

 When running make, the packages:

 corba.tar.gz hotspot.tar.gz jaxp.tar.gz jaxws.tar.gz jdk.tar.gz
 langtools.tar.gz openjdk.tar.gz

 are downloaded in the root source directory, then I copy to my sources
 directory, just to reuse them if other install is necessary, along the
 lines I have been doing with LibreOffice, even befire we introduced it in
 the book.

 I think this modification could be done in the book, to facilitate

 == 4. Size ==

 I was surprised by the size:

 $ du -sh /opt/OpenJDK-
 250M    /opt/OpenJDK-

 $ du -sh /opt/OpenJDK-
 455M    /opt/OpenJDK-

 == 5 Tests ==

 Have not run them.

 == 6. Bootstrap ==

 Used previously installed version

 This is what I remember by now.

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