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#3555: LibreOffice 3.6.1
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Comment(by fo):

 Replying to [comment:2 Krejzi]:
 Thanks for the reply.

 > Replying to [comment:1 fo]:
 > > == 2. Poppler patch still necessary ==
 > >
 > Is Boost patch still necessary?

 I still use 1.49.0, but if you wish, can install newer and test the patch
 in LO.

 > > ./download: The build process runs the download script which downloads
 some 500 MB of
 > > tarballs. We run the download script to get it out of the way at the
 start so we can make a
 > > backup copy of the downloaded files.
 > I'd prefer "arround 500 MB of tarballs."
 > Also, I'd like to use "make distro-pack-install" when installing
 libreoffice. That way, it
 > will already create libreoffice launchers in /usr/bin and also icons and
 desktop files in
 > /usr/share. I do want to note that Andy said the target does not work
 when not installing
 > libreoffice into /usr. But, as the book uses instructions to install it
 into /usr, and all
 > major components are in /usr/lib/libreoffice iirc minus launchers and
 desktop related files,
 > there is little need for it to be installed anywhere else.
 > What do you say?

 I think this is fine. As I keep LO-source dir in some machines up to the
 next release, I am testing, in 6.8, "make distro-pack-install". Up to now,
 I can say that LO works in /opt if installed this way, but I have to redo
 this again, as in the last step, I had the error

 # tail
 Install /opt/libreoffice-
 Install /opt/libreoffice-
 Install /basis/program/java-set-classpath
 Error: Failed to generate package file lists
        Have you defined DESTDIR?
 make[1]: ** [distro-pack-install] Erro 1
 make[1]: Saindo do diretório `/media/dados/home/fernando/tmp/paco-build-
 make: ** [distro-pack-install] Erro 2

 Also, desktop integration has to be corrected for mimetipes and icons. I
 am just trying to do this, and will report soon.

 Thus, if you do not mind, just give me some time untill I sort these
 things up?

 Meanwhile, I am waiting for your reply about Boost.

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