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#3555: LibreOffice 3.6.1
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Comment(by fo):

 Built in LFS7.1

 If what I write below is not clear, please, ask me to clarify.

 == 1. Package Information ==
 Core Download (HTTP):
 Core Download MD5 sum: 3ddcf145b74daa4361e48dafe97e7d21[[BR]]
 Core Download size: 103 MB[[BR]]
 Estimated disk space required: 7.1 GB (443 MB installed)[[BR]]
 Estimated build time: 82 SBU (more reasonable than in my calculation in
 previous version)

 == 2. Poppler patch still necessary ==

 == 3. New Files ==
 With repect to version 3.6.0, only following new files which have been
 380K    94e7f271e38c976462558b4278590178-libvisio-0.0.19.tar.bz2 (so I
 removed the older version)[[BR]]
 4,0K    libreoffice-core- (actually, downloaded
 as **)[[BR]]
 103M    libreoffice-core-[[BR]]
 34M         libreoffice-dictionaries-[[BR]]
 1,8M    libreoffice-help-[[BR]]
 121M    libreoffice-translations-[[BR]]
 259M    total

 == 4. Bandwidth used by .download script ==
 $ du -sch src-[[BR]]
 601M    src-[[BR]]
 601M    total

 Bellow, (src size minus core size ) =  size of downloads by .download
 script needs modification from 470MB to 498MB, but I suggest writting
 500MB, as the word "some" is used:[[BR]]
 Command Explanations[[BR]]
 ./download: The build process runs the download script which downloads
 some 500 MB of tarballs. We run the download script to get it out of the
 way at the start so we can make a backup copy of the downloaded files.

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