[blfs-book] libpng 1.5.12 has been released [Freecode]

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Wed Jul 11 16:22:05 PDT 2012

Dear libpng follower,

glennrp just announced version 1.5.12 of libpng on Freecode.

The release notes for this version are as follows:

This release makes a one-byte change to the pre-built Makefile.in, to address
CVE-2012-3386, which reports a vulnerability in automake.  It is not necessary
to rebuild libpng applications built with earlier versions of libpng.  The
change only protects the libpng maintainer who is running "make distcheck" after
failing to set a safe umask.

Project description:

libpng (PNG library) is a collection of routines used 
to create and manipulate PNG format graphics files. 
The PNG format was designed as a replacement for 
GIF and, to a lesser extent, TIFF, with many 
improvements and extensions.

Detailed history and release notes are available here:


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