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#3694: PHP 5.4.10
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Comment(by randy@…):

 To the PHP devs, GD is still a package that they support. Yes, the URL is
 down where it is supposed to be hosted, but that has not kept others from
 developing. Current version is 2.0.35, but you can find 2.0.36rc1 tarballs
 out there. I used the 2.0.35.

 If you bothered to follow the link I provided, there are comments in the
 PHP bug reports within the last month, and they know that it is an issue.
 No big deal, as you can simply use the packaged GD that comes with PHP,
 but I have always installed it, and would prefer to use the system-
 installed copy.

 The GD library is actually very useful for folks that are into that sort
 of thing. I think that if we list it as a dependency, we should do what it
 takes to get a good download URL and then try to support the installation.
 That was all I was intending. We can drop the dependency and the problem
 goes away; however, I always install GD in my build process, so it was
 noticed that PHP did not build against it.

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