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#3694: PHP 5.4.10
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Comment(by randy@…):

 For over a year there has been an error compiling PHP with a system-
 installed version of the GD library. You can read about it here:
 https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=60108&edit=1. The problem still exists in
 the most recent version of PHP: php-5.4.10.

 Apparently, the PHP devs are modifying the GD code that they bundle in the
 PHP tarballs, and it differs from the native GD code. There is an easy
 fix, but it requires modifying the GD sources before GD is installed, or
 modifying a sitting /usr/include/gd_io.h file.

 Bottom line is the compilation of PHP with a system-installed version of
 GD can be done by applying the following sed command by the root user. The
 preferred solution would be to patch the GD sources, but GD is not a BLFS

 sed -i "s|void (\*gd_free) (struct gdIOCtx \*);|&\n\n  void (*data)
 (struct gdIOCtx *);|"  /usr/include/gd_io.h

 Let's decide how to proceed so that the version increment update to PHP
 includes some sort of fix.

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