[blfs-book] r9000 - trunk/bootscripts/blfs/init.d

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 15:44:02 PST 2011

Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:

> I had another look. I'm still confused about the INIT INFO section.
> Namely, the
> # Provides:
> # Required-Start:
> # Should-Start:
> # Required-Stop:
> # Should-Stop:
> Are these comments only, or do they actually do something? Some have $
> signs (variables?), and others don't. In the above example you have
> 'Provides: $svnserve', I don't see the connection between svn and mysql.

> Is there some documentation on how to write up these 'new' bootscripts.
> Wayne.

The bash comments are interpreted by install_initd and remove_initd in 
the initd-tools package.  You are right about the confusion with the 
items above.  I need to review it myself.  Maybe Dan Nicholson or DJ can 
provide more details.

   -- Bruce

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