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#2822: GStreamer updates - now 0.10.31
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Replying to [comment:17 randy@…]:
 > I grepped through the book and only one package recommends gir-
 repository (libunique) and two packages list it as optional (clutter,
 > What do you mean that Gstreamer breaks gir-repo?
 > I have not needed to install gir-repo yet, so my Gstreamer and plugins
 built fine.
 Building gstreamer and the plugins are not the problem - if you try to
 build gir-repository after gstreamer, it will fail to build.

 gir-repository is (for 2.30 - for 2.32 probably 'was') a band aid - it
 provides the gir (introspection) files where a package had not been
 updated to provide them itself.  Epiphany (not the world's best browser,
 in my opinion, but useful particularly while updating firefox) requires
 introspection, and uses libsoup.

 What I used to do was build gir-repository after libsoup, and then install
 the Soup and SoupGNOME files by hand - updating gstreamer meant I could no
 longer do that.

 Since I build only a small subset of gnome (perhaps epiphany would work a
 lot better if I built it all), I have no idea what else in the 2.30 series
 needs gir-repository.  FWIW, I built libunique-1.1.6 without problems (and
 without gir-repository) after upgrading to dbus-glib-0.86 and

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