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#2822: GStreamer updates - now 0.10.31
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Comment(by ken@…):

 The 0.10.31 versions build with make-3.82 without any seds. However, they
 break gir-repository.

 For me, the only thing in gnome-2.30 which requires gir-repository to
 provide the files is libsoup. For gnome-2.32, I think gir-repository is
 obsolete.  Meanwhile, libsoup-2.31.6 (the last *available* development
 version before gobject-introspection-0.9.5 became the minimum required
 version) works for me.  I hate using development versions of gnome
 packages as much as anyone, but if we stay with gnome-2.30 to get a
 release out, then I think using the development version is justifiable

 But, I know nothing about anything else which might still require gir-

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