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#2480: Switch from tetex to texlive
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Comment(by randy@…):


 You are like a tape recorder stuck repeating the same thing over and over
 and over. I appreciate your input with new items, but once is enough. You
 don't have to tell the community more than once about XZ utils. We all
 know. That package has been talked about going into LFS, so I've been
 waiting for that. Please, no more mention about XZ utils... ever.

 As far as your most recent comments about the 2010 version, you and I have
 very different outlooks. I used the native tarballs from tug.org (didn't
 use the "extra", only the "source" and "texmf" tarballs). I don't see any
 conflict with man-db. In fact, of the 88,000+ files that are installed,
 only /usr/share/info/dir is overwritten. My home-brewed package-management
 system lets me know about any file that will be overwritten before the
 installation even begins.

 I don't know about the PSUtils files noted above. I have not installed
 that package.

 I don't know what you mean about the package "separated into modules". We
 don't need to discuss, as it is probably Arch's PKGBUILD system doing

 I just unpacked the texmf tarball into my DESTDIR, created two temporary
 symlinks so that nothing is put in /usr/texmf or /usr/texmf-dist, ran a
 sed to fix some kpsewhich variables so that everything is in
 /usr/share/texmf and /usr/share/texmf-{config,var,dist,local}. Then CMMI.

 After installation, create a font cache directory, a bit of cleanup by
 fixing broken symlinks to scripts and moving some man pages that are not
 properly installed, then configuration with texconfig-sys, fmutil-sys,
 updmap-sys, texlinks, and mktexlsr.

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