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#3146: openssl-1.0.0a
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 Further status updates: postgresql-9.0 built and installed with this.
 Httpd-2.2.16 built and installed (specifically, pg_config didn't crash the
 build).  DB4 (Berkeley) builds and installs with it.  Cyrus-SASL builds
 and installs, but I have no way of running these.  Openldap (client)
 builds - I have no way of using this, and the server appears to *require*
 mysql  which I haven't yet touched (looking for the proverbial barge pole

 The following have been built against  1.0.0a as part of my normal
 desktop: cups, curl, gnome-vfs, evolution-data-serve, lynx, ntp, orbit2,
 python, wget : since I'm not using ssl with any of these, I can't confirm
 that the functionalisty still works.

 Will continue, slowly.

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