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#3154: libvpx-0.9.1
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 New package.  This is the heart of webm (html5 on youtube, in epiphany and
 midori, as well as in chromium).  For people using ffmpeg-0.6 this is
 necessary to use this functionality.  People using newer ffmpeg snapshots
 can build the ffmpeg version of this codec.


 Since ffmpeg releases infrequently, I think we should go with this for the
 moment, and then remove it when a later ffmpeg release replaces it.

 As with most google code, the install has to be done "by hand".

 mkdir libvpx-build
 cd libvpx-build
 ../configure --prefix=/usr --enable-pic --enable-shared
 install -v -m0755 libvpx.so.0.9.1 /usr/lib
 ln -sf libvpx.so.0.9.1 /usr/lib/libvpx.so
 mkdir -pv /usr/include/vpx
 # install necessary headers from source directory
 install -v -m0644 ../vpx/*.h /usr/include/vpx
 # install the programs that ffmpeg will test for
 install -v -m0755 ivfdec ivfenc /usr/bin

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