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#3145: Unify the service configuration files for Dhclient (ISC DHCP) and Dhcpcd
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Comment(by willimm):

 Replying to [comment:6 dj@…]:
 > I don't really much care about 'radical changes' to the boot scripts as
 they are downright easy to change in both LFS and BLFS, if justified
 (besides, they won't be all that invasive).  I just want them to work
 well.  Network Manager is one topic that comes up frequently and if NM can
 handle linkstate with DHCP, then we should let it and not duplicate its
 functionality in our boot scripts.  If you have the time, please dig into
 it and see what it is capable of.  If not, give me three weeks to finish
 up on IcedTea6, OpenOffice, and possibly Xorg (if Ken isn't already on it)
 and we'll bring the discussion to BLFS-dev so that we can get more input
 from others who have made it work in the past.  If NM works as I believe
 it can, then I think ONBOOT can remain, and simply be set to "no" once NM
 is in place. Only change the config file name for dhcpcd/dhclient to dhcp
 as originally proposed, so that the ONBOOT variable only controls whether
 the scripts or NM take care of the interface.
 I think you are getting confused. This is not about Network Manager
 (which, with a few changes to the source code, and a new bootscript, just
 works), this is about the networking part of Gnome-system-tools and
 system-tools-backends. That is a lot more compilcated, and needs tweaking
 to the bootscript system, not just the backends themself.

 Additionally, I have one more request: Wifi support. As of now, there is
 no way tell which SSID the wireless card should use via the network
 scripts, and there is no support for encrypted wireless networks. However,
 I think I've found a hint that may help with implementing this support:


 Yes, it's old, but still useful. This would also require wpa-supplicant to
 be added to the book.

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