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#3154: libvpx-0.9.5
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Comment(by ken@…):

 A better url is http://webm.googlecode.com/files/ : note that after 0.9.1
 the version is prefixed by v, i.e. libvpx-v0.9.{2,5}.  I see that 0.9.1
 *is* available at that location, if anybody really feels the need for it.

 Changes in 0.9.5 include automatic addition of PIC for shared libs,
 renaming ivfenc and ivfdec to vpxenc, vpxdec with incompatible switches
 etc, and use of nasm for x86, x86_64 as an alternative to yasm (I'd
 forgotten this needed yasm).

 The use of nasm will be beneficial to the book, so I've tested 0.9.5 with
 ffmpeg-0.6.1 and xine-lib, gstreamer (rebuilding it *all* seemed easiest!
 - totem needs the bad and ffmpeg plugins for webm, supposedly - I don't
 have any *files* on which to test that), and ffmpeg2theora.  It's all

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