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#3178: Upgrade to nss-3.12.8
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Comment(by ken@…):

 And now I remember why I *hate* nss - the oldest part of the mozilla
 codebase, requiring wierd and obscure imprecations to do anything.  At
 least I've managed to run the testsuite, after digging around to
 understand the DOMSUF explanation.

 On openssl-1.0.0a (which works fine in use with firefox and epiphany), 4
 tests (all ssl) fail and 3698 pass.  The output on stderr or stdout showed
 selfserv: PR_Bind returned error -5982:
 Local Network address is in use

 I also note that the first completed run of the test took 41 minutes.
 After throwing that build away, I managed to (twice) run the tests in less
 than 12 minutes with the same result.  The failures were labelled in the
 html as 'CRL SSL CLient Tests' with the message "Fatal - selfserv process
 not detectable".  The test numbers were 455, 1549, 2529, 2597 (but see
 below - the number of any particular test can apparently vary).

 Eventually found a system with gcc-4.5.1 and openssl-0.9.8.  All 5732
 tests (sic) passed, and the test numbers in the html do not relate to
 those on the other box.  This is a slightly faster box, with the cpu
 always running at full speed, and a faster disk, but the test still took
 22 minutes.

 I conclude that running these tests is something that should be left to
 consenting adults.

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