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#3179: Required dependencies not in the book
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 It seems to me that any package in the book should be capable of being
 built "adequately" using the book's instructions.

 If people agree, we have several external dependencies:

 FreeTTS requires Sharutils (for uudecode)

 Amarok requires TagLib

 FOP requires Java Advanced Imaging API Components.

 There are also several packages where there is a choice of required
 dependencies, only some of which are in the book.  To me, that isn't a
 problem - they can be built in an adequate form using the packages in the

 Raising this because I've just found the ticket for openjpeg, which is
 "merely" recommended - I guess the same principle should apply to
 recommended packages once we get all required deps sorted.

 But maybe I'm out on my own in this.

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