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#3176: Xulrunner- won't compile
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 Xulrunner- won't compile with the instructions in the book.

 Xulrunner checks for nspr >= 4.8.6 and nss >= 3.12.8. These checks will
 fail and xulrunner will automatically add the
 --with-nspr-cflags and --with-nspr-libs configuration options in order to
 use the included version of these packages. This conflicts with the
 --with-system-nspr and --with-system-nss options we have in .mozconfig.
 The result is an error and compilation stops.

 One option would be to use the included versions of nspr and nss. I did
 not test this.

 The other option is to upgrade the book to nspr-4.8.6 and nss-3.12.8. I
 did this and xulrunner compiles fine.

 I did not test the firefox-3.6.11-provide_system_nspr_nss-1.patch.

 In addition, the line
 {{{ sed 's at stable@unstable@' -i xulrunner/installer/mozilla-js.pc.in }}}
 is obsolete, as it won't change anything in mozilla-js.pc.in.

 I'll open two individual tickets for nspr and nss with reference to this

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