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#3167: ruby-1.9.2
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 While I was testing the book's version of ruby-1.9.1-p376 for
 openssl-1.0.0a I hit a build failure. Updating to the last 1.9.1
 patchlevel failed to fix it.  It's in the ssl code, but to me it looks
 like a gcc or glibc issue.
 compiling openssl
 make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ken/ruby-1.9.1-p430/ext/openssl'
 gcc -I. -I../../.ext/include/x86_64-linux -I../.././include
 -I../.././ext/openssl -DRUBY_EXTCONF_H=\"extconf.h\"    -fPIC  -O2 -g
 -Wall -Wno-parentheses  -fPIC  -o ossl.o -c ossl.c
 ossl.c:118:1: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token
 ossl.c:119:1: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token
 make[1]: *** [ossl.o] Error 1
 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ken/ruby-1.9.1-p430/ext/openssl'
 make: *** [mkmain.sh] Error 1

 Fortunately, 1.9.2 builds without issue (patchlevel 0).  I note that 'make
 test' is now a minimal build (1 minute 12 on this system), 'make check' is
 currently running and taking a much longer time - now finished, 7m40,
 7665 tests, 2174195 assertions, 2 failures, 1 errors, 0 skips

 YMMV (I have berkeley db but not tk on this system).

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