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#3121: openldap needs switch if MySQL not installed
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Also --disable-sql seems to actually indicate that unixodbc is not
 installed.  If you don't use that command, it searches for 'sql.h'.  On my
 first attempt to build the server, I thought I could omit that switch
 because I had installed postgresql, but I was wrong.

 Additionally, I had to build mysql to be able to build the server (perhaps
 --disable-ndb would have fixed that).What I know for sure is that with
 *current* mysql (5.1.51) I *still* have to pass that switch: first it
 looks for mysql_config, but then it looks for NdbApi.hpp which sounds as
 if it is part of boost, but actually belongs to mysql-cluster which is now
 [ mysql-5.1 ] separate from mysql.  The only references to postgres and
 pgsql are in the docs and the tests.  Unfortunately, I didn't log the
 tests, so I can't check exactly which databases it used.

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