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#3162: Consider adding --with-included-apr on apache configure string
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 I've just spent much of the afternoon banging my head against a wall
 working this one out.

 I wanted to rebuild apache with berkeley db backend support in the bundled
 APR-Util, so I could then move on to a new subversion install. I
 faithfully added in the --with-dbm=db4 --with-berkeley-db to my configure
 command, however it didn't get linked in and on further inspection
 configure script didn't even appear to search for db.h etc at all.

 I checked all over the system for errant db installs, finally deleting and
 upgrading the one I had all to no avail.

 I then tried using --with-included-apr on the command line at configure
 time and finally it searched for, located and correctly found the berkeley
 db install and linked it into the final apache build.

 I'm pretty much guessing here, however I am assuming the original
 configure saw APR libraries in place from the previous (without db) build
 of apache and decided it didn't require to use the included version, until
 I forced the issue with the additional parameter. Presumably where no
 previous apache install is present, the configure script automatically
 sets up to build the required APR libs.

 Having rebuilt, the existing APR libraries were all overwritten with the
 newly created ones, so I guess this might be an issue where someone is
 installing APR and APR-Util separately. As I understand it however, this
 isn't recommended where a full Apache install is taking place.

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