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#3058: libjpeg 8
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Comment(by willimm):

 Replying to [comment:1 tromador]:
 > Version bump to libjpeg8a (release 28 Feb 2010)
 Now version 8b. Also, the changelogs for 8a and 8b:

 Version 8b  16-May-2010

 Repair problem in new memory source manager with corrupt JPEG data.
 Thank to Ted Campbell and Samuel Chun for the report.

 Repair problem in Makefile.am test target.
 Thank to anonymous user for the report.

 Support MinGW installation with automatic configure.
 Thank to Volker Grabsch for the suggestion.

 Version 8a  28-Feb-2010

 Writing tables-only datastreams via jpeg_write_tables works again.

 Support 32-bit BMPs (RGB image with Alpha channel) for read in cjpeg.
 Thank to Brett Blackham for the suggestion.

 Improve accuracy in floating point IDCT calculation.
 Thank to Robert Hooke for the hint.

 No ABI changes that I can see, just general fixes.

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