BLFS: Where does it stand?

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Mar 30 16:06:28 PDT 2010

Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 03/30/10 17:38 CST:
> Oh well, it's the substance that matters. And you did a great deal of work
> in the last days, Randy, so doesn't really matters. 

Thanks, Ag. I'm just essentially documenting what I've already done,
and then redone. BLFS is so huge. It is a monster. All the servers
I feel pretty good about. GNOME I feel good about because Wayne seems
like a smart guy and has worked a lot on GNOME. Xorg, not sure, DJ
needs to report. Seems stable for me, but I don't use an X console, I
use an X server on a Windows OS to open X-Term sessions on the Windows
machine, but I do use the console (using MWM from LessTif) on occasion.
I do know I updated the versions of Xorg-server and Mesalib to what
was recommended by Dan.

KDE, I have no idea. I went to install Qt4 and had it all done except
it showed that I needed GStreamer for any any future decent audio/video.
Dependencies have just got out of hand. There are so many that are now
circular (not just KDE, but everything), that it is a crazy thing trying
to get some functionality sometimes.

KDE3 is dead, but probably still very usable. KDE4 sounds like it
doesn't have all the kinks worked out yet, so it sort of poses a
dilemma, but not large. Multimedia - I haven't checked anything out in
ages. Ken is sort of 'the man' there and he hasn't spoken badly about
audio/video. Which brings the question. Use the newest version (0.5.1?,
which is within the last few months), or a pull from GIT?. I'm inclined
to use the official release.

The DBus/HAL thing. I started it all putting them both in the book and
winging it as far as configuration goes. Other's helped out and got it
functional. We need to move to newer D-Bus, but I'm not qualified to
say I know enough to write proper instructions. I know I installed the
most current D-Bus (and friends) and have no trouble with it.

Do we want to release with just a binary JDK? Seems DJ mentioned that
the sources are again available, but he cannot work on them due to a
license issue. I wouldn't mind helping on that one.

I'm sure there's much more. This is perhaps a start of formulating a
real plan to get a BLFS-6.5 out. LFS-6.5 is *not* vintage. It is a
modern Linux OS. And BLFS will target it effectively. The book would
probably be just as effective (closely) in an LFS-6.6 environment.


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