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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Mar 24 06:41:09 PDT 2010

Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 03/24/10 02:15 CST:
> I'm terrible in the implementations, but perhaps a small sentence
> (regarding this issue) in the dependencies section might be more than
> enough.

Though I don't think it is needed, I'm adding a little note. It will
be committed in just a couple of minutes.

There are so many packages that fall into the same exact category,
I'm not really fond of setting precedent for noting which optional
dependency packages are also shipped in the original package tarball.

Think popt, libpng, libjpeg, etc. Many packages will use internal
copies if a system-installed copy is not found.


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