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#2924: Audacious-2.1
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Comment(by kog):

 Audacious now at 2.2 with 2.3-beta2 in the wind.

         This package does not upgrade well.
 Install fails with 'exists' when linking /usr/bin/audacious to
 audacious2, same for /usr/bin/audtool.  It reuses /usr/lib/audacious
 leaving stale plugins.  An old audacious.desktop will remain
 in /usr/share/applications.
         An upgrading note is needed, which should be before 'Optional
 (for Plugins)', so user doesn't install plugins, and then find
 'Note: delete /usr/lib/audacious before upgrading'!
         Though it isn't what keeps me up at night, I really hate dead
 data on my drives.  If I didn't know it was there, I'd be happier.

 Otherwise, good app!

 David Jensen

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