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#3049: curl-7.19.7 doesn't find the BLFS-ca-bundle
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Comment(by trent.shea):

 Replying to [comment:10 trent.shea]:

 > I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything with openssl instructions, but I
 do notice that ubuntu has these 2468acdf.0 soft links, thoughts anyone?

 I've made a bit of progress, but I have _no_ experience with this...

 From ssleay.txt I'll quote:
         There is also a link
         from the file a8556381.0 to eay1024.PEM.  The value a8556381
         is returned by 'x509 -hash -noout <eay1024.pem' and is the
         value used by X509 verification routines to 'find' this
         certificte when search a directory for it.

 if i run
 openssl x509 -hash -noout <23f4c490.pem
 I get


 It looks like this may have nothing to do with curl now. This ticket
 should be closed and a openssl one started?

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