[BLFS Trac] #3070: MesaLib depends on Python during build.

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#3070: MesaLib depends on Python during build.
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 I just grepped the entire MesaLib source tree and the only mentions
 of Python (python) are in files where the comments say it is only
 for developers, or unless you are doing translations.

 I can't see anywhere that the lack of Python on the system prevents
 MesaLib from building. I'm speaking of version 7.6.1 of MesaLib.

 Could you please show the error message you receive along with the
 commands you use to build MesaLib?

 I'm going to wait for some feedback from anyone that can produce
 the error message, but if a month or so goes by and there is no
 action on this ticket, I will close it.

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