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#2480: Switch from tetex to texlive
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Comment(by willimm):

 More notes, to follow up my last ones on 2009. The version I used for my
 latest BLFS build was Arch Linux's 2010 version (which can be gotten at
 http://mirrors.kernel.org/archlinux/other/texlive/, I used a modified
 version of their PKGBUILD, removing all of the special package management
 stuff and removal of Alpha/Omega), and I created a working setup using
 that version. Just some more notes:

  1. This version requires XZ-Utils and Unzip to unpack everything. Which
 means that XZ-Utils is a prequisite before this package is added.
  2. This version overwrites /usr/bin/man from the Man-DB package. To avoid
 having to recompile Man-DB, I'd excute mv -v /usr/bin/man{,.man-db} before
 installation, and rm /usr/bin/man && mv -v /usr/bin/man{.man-db,} after
  3. If installing over teTex 3.0, when you try to run texi2dvi or
 texi2pdf, it uses the wrong version of etex and eventually fails. To avoid
 that problem, just run rm /usr/bin/{etex,pdfetex} before installing
  4. It seems that texi2html is not included in Texlive unlike teTex, and
 needs to be built separately. Instructions are CMMI, and it can be gotten
 at http://www.very-
 clever.com/download/nongnu/texi2html/texi2html-1.82.tar.gz. Just thought I
 throw it out to you.
  5. The cm-super fonts are now included with the texlive-core package.
  6. And finally, this version is seperated into modules. This is the order
 that you should install everything in:

 texlive-bin (this is two tarballs, the source and the texmf tarball. Use
 both, also use the attached fix-fontforge-encoding.patch that fixes an
 issue with luatex in UTF-8 locales).
 texlive-core (This is an .zip file, so it requires unzip, it unzips into
 tons of *.tar.xz files. Use the Arch PKGBUILD for reference for how to
 install them (but replace bsdtar with just plain old tar with -vxf)), and
 also their texlive-install files.)
 texlive-latexextra (Various addons for latex, again, use Arch's PKGBUILD
 and texlive-install file for reference.)
 (The last packages can be installed in any order)
 texlive-bibtexextra (Extra stuff for BibTeX, rember to use Arch's PKGBUILD
 and texlive-install for this)
 texlive-fontsextra (Extra fonts, you should know what to do by now)
 texlive-formatsextra (Extra formats, I think you should know what to do by
 texlive-games (Apparently it's for typsetting games... I'm not sure what
 uses that...)
 texlive-genericextra (This is basically extra generic macro packages and
 texlive-htmlxml (This allows TeX conversion to HTML/XML, and also to
 typeset XML/SGML into TeX. This package includes JadeTeX (which is used
 for SGML conversion to PDF/DVI/PS, so this means that this needs to be
 removed from the book and replaced with a pointer to Texlive), and
 PassiveTeX (which, if I'm correct, is used by libvorbis to build PDF
 documation, and should be replaced by a pointer to Texlive also.))
 texlive-humanities (Arch says it's for humanities, but not sure what it's
 really useful for...)
 texlive-lang* (There are 4 versions total, one of them is for CJK, another
 is for Cyrillic langugages,  another is for Greek, and the other is for
 extra pupources.)
 texlive-latex3 (For LaTex3 support.)
 texlive-music (For music purposes, but I'm not sure why I would need
 texlive-pictures (For creating images with TeX.)
 texlive-plainextra (Extra stuff for plain old TeX.)
 texlive-pstricks (Extra stuff for PSTricks.)
 texlive-publishers (Extra stuff for specific publishers.)
 texlive-science (Extra stuff for scientific puopuses.)

 Well, that was rather wall-of-texty, but at least I have lots of info on
 this package...

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